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The filling of everything that flows into all commonly used primary packaging materials and containers of all sizes and shapes.
Maximum flexibility concerning quantity, shapes and sizes is one of MKS`s strengths.

All production lines feature a modular design and can be changed to new specifications in the shortest time possible. Automation, when advantageous, manual steps for complex, small series and low volume batches. This is how MKS is able to handle increasing demands for larger volumes with growing products just as easily as your market launch or one-time actions and campaigns. 


MKS is able to fill anything that can be construed as a bottle. This includes traditional bottles with screw caps or flip top caps as well as pump dispensers or airless systems. The MKS fill lines can be configured for a filling volume of 5 ml as well as for canisters with 25 l or more.

Tube filling:

In addition to the usual types of filling procedures involving plastic tubes, MKS is also able to fill aluminum tubes.

Jar filling:

Plastic, metal, and glass jars can be filled on MKS production lines.

Other packaging or containers:

- All kind of folding boxes

- Trays

- Shrink packaging

- Sleeves