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Research and Development

Formulation development
Our R&D department offers all product development services from the product idea to a marketable and competitive product. MKS has its own stock of ready formulations that can be adapted to meet specific requirements and allows for a very quick reaction time in development.

MKS develops for customers

  • Formulations and recipes conformity with the legal requirements of the EU Cosmetics Regulation
  • Formulations in the area of skin care cosmetics based on conventional ingredients or in accordance with the requirements of certified natural cosmetics
  • Medical products in compliance with the Medical Devices Act.
  • Creative textures based on expertise and many years of experience in customizing products to a specific idea.

MKS optimises for customers - Formulation optimisation and relaunch

  • Formulations requiring adjustments due to changes in the law, but without fundamentally altering the product itself.
  • Formulations that need to be adjusted to comply with changes in specifications or alterations in the strategic orientation
  • Formulations no longer corresponding to the current competitive products on the market